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A Space To Call Your Own

  • Vendor: ZO
  • Type: CD
$ 12.00

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Zyrah’s Orange
A Space To Call Your Own

Track Listing:
1. Golden Gate
2. Nicotine
3. Silver Dollar
4. Hide
5. Motion
6. Hand Me Down
7. Starless
8. UNuU
9. Luckiest
10. Souls

Those familiar with Zyrah’s Orange will soon realize that A Space To Call Your Own is a significant departure from Mind (1999) and Body (2000). Well, 7 years have passed and 50% of the band’s lineup is different from back then.

This record still features Elliot Page (guitar, vocals) and Dan Gullotti (drums), and also marks the first recording that keyboardist Ben Kuris has made with the band. New low-end provider Vin Gonzalez makes appearances on a few songs, as well.

There are a number of guest musicians on the record, mostly supplying bass parts, as it took quite a few years (and bass players) for the band to realize that traditional bass guitar simply wasn’t the sound they were looking for.

The band invented a novel low-end delivery system (later dubbed The Disease) – a drum sampling machine loaded with analog synth bass samples with drumsticks played by Gonzalez – a Berklee grad and drummer who coincidentally is one of Gullotti’s childhood friends.

So, 5 years in the making and A Space To Call Your Own is finally complete. It marks the culmination of drastic change for the band, and the result is decidedly Indie, beat heavy, dark and hooky.