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  • Vendor: ZO
  • Type: CD
$ 12.00

Zyrah’s Orange

Track Listing:
1. Best Day
2. Satisfied
3. Messages ->
4. Message Machine
5. Hold On To Let Go
6. Fire Engine
7. Maceo
8. Leave
9. Taken
10. More Best Day

On this upbeat album, The ZO power trio (Page, Gullotti, Thibault) showcases both their inventive songwriting and their top-notch improvisation skills. Body establishes Zyrah’s Orange as a jamband with real tunes, as capable of catchy pop/rock as going deep into a jam.

Drawing on their extensive live experience, the album has a vibrant, human feel. Most of the recording process started with the band playing live in the studio, a feel that translates well into the extended jazz-oriented jams (“Message Machine”, “Maceo”). But ZO doesn’t ignore the power of the studio, used in concise pop song craft (“Best Day”, “Satisfied”), layers of sound and vocals (“More Best Day”), and just plain studio wackiness (“Leave”).

“Zyrah’s Orange messes with the mind in every way possible. If it isn’t the wide range of styles, it is the lyrical content. If it isn’t the subliminal themes, it’s the pounding suppression of the jams. If the jams aren’t pounding, they are taking you away. All there is left to say is that this album should be sought out.” -VT Review